At it again

It may be hard to start anew, but we often forget the lessons of the past and are thus allowed to move forward with more rewarding mistakes. I am "at it again" writing this blog, which begins in in December because I accidently erased it. I am "at it again" living abroad because I I erased from my memory the continous miscommunication and confusion of it. Luckly you can sit back in the comforts of your native language and culture and enjoy my adventures, hopefully with a laugh or snicker.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Almost the last post

Well it's Tuesday. I just closed (well removed all money from) my bank account, got travelers checks and Thai Baht, wired money home, picked up our passports from the curt Russian bureaucrat and am now in search of an ideal box to send a tripod home in. Pretty successful, but now I'm tired and don't want to go to my 3rd to last tutoring. I doubt the kid wants me to come either, but I have new books that I can engage him with. All this and we still have time to cook.

I made a really pleasant pasta sauce yesterday, unfortunately I didn't photograph it. We often make pastas with tons of lightly satiety veggies, but I never fell like there is anything that holds them together. This time I hit the nail on the head. I'll reproduce what I did primarily for Robert as he is the only one to have expressed interest in the cooking and food pictures I occasionally post. So Robert listen (or read?) up:
- Start the pasta water and steam cut up asparagus over it. When it is steamed start the pasta.
- Sautee some onions and eggplant. I like the long skinny Asian eggplant, but if you use the American kind you can cut the bitterness and wetness by soaking the cut eggplant in salt of 20 minutes or so and then rinsing it before cooking.
- Add some fresh tomatoes and the asparagus, cook very briefly.
- In a small dish press a bunch of garlic. Add some chicken bouillon. Make a thin sauce by adding a bit of the pasta water and some olive oil.
- you can put in half this mixture to your pan of sauteed veggies before the pasta is finished, to cook and absorb other flavors. When the pasta is done add it to the veggies with the rest of the sauce and a little bit more pasta water just for mixing.

The flavor is really yummy and garlicy and everything is tied together nicely. I could make it again tonight!

Also Colin requested that I put up one more photo from our wedding shots. This is from when we were at the waterfall and a bunch of Taiwanese College kids wanted their picture taken with us. We obliged and then our photographer stepped in to take a shot of us with them. Here is the result.
the funny wedding photo