At it again

It may be hard to start anew, but we often forget the lessons of the past and are thus allowed to move forward with more rewarding mistakes. I am "at it again" writing this blog, which begins in in December because I accidently erased it. I am "at it again" living abroad because I I erased from my memory the continous miscommunication and confusion of it. Luckly you can sit back in the comforts of your native language and culture and enjoy my adventures, hopefully with a laugh or snicker.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wedding Post #1- The dress

So you might know that I'm going to have my wedding dress made in Bangkok while we're there. That however means that I really need to know what I want. This is a post all about my dress desires and I'm looking for some input. If you're not interested in hearing me sound extremely girly, I would skip this post.

My wedding dress
Here's the dress. It's based on a dress by Angel Sanchez that I found in Bride's magazine (yes I read a bridal magazine, but I did not buy it) on page 70. I haven't been able to find the dress anywhere in photos online, though many of his dresses are lovely (I hope I don't get sued for posting this).

My wedding dress back
There was no back picture so I am not in love with a particular back, but here are my options.

Let me explain the dress a little more. I think it is sort of Italian muse Botticelli Primavera like sort of Edwardian England. It is silk underneath with a thin tulle on top. The tulle is bunched or folded over at the top and then is pulled together in an empire waist by a thin cord. Below that it spreads out into a bunch of fabric. I was thinking that it should be a lower empire that is around my ribs instead of right under my boobs. It should just skim the floor. In the back there are the three possibilities. I have to think of the fact that the shoulder straps are a bundle of fabric and what would look best. The middle option would be to keep a bunch of fabric all the way around, perhaps loose, but loose probably wouldn't work with the flow of fabric down to the empire line. The other option is the truncated V and the deeper boat but similar to the front.

So that's what I want, classical, easy comfortable, free flowing. Here's where I need help. First I am worried about the Empire waist, people in Taiwan only wear empire waists if they are pregnant. I wore the one summer dress I had (empire waist) to work two times and both times people asked if I was pregnant. Will I look pregnant? Do people think that other places, say Italy or America? Please, alleave my fears. Second, what kind of shoes would go with this? I should buy them here because, well where else am I going to buy them. Third if anyone can find any pictures, photos, that look like this, send me to where they are. Forth, which back is best. I'm leaning to the V.

You can e-mail me comments or comment on the blog or if you go to the flickr page you can highlight areas of the picture and make notes. You might have to be my Flickr friend to do this, but that is easily done.