At it again

It may be hard to start anew, but we often forget the lessons of the past and are thus allowed to move forward with more rewarding mistakes. I am "at it again" writing this blog, which begins in in December because I accidently erased it. I am "at it again" living abroad because I I erased from my memory the continous miscommunication and confusion of it. Luckly you can sit back in the comforts of your native language and culture and enjoy my adventures, hopefully with a laugh or snicker.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Are we doing this right?

Tomorrow we are getting our crazy Taiwanese wedding photos. I felt like I should do something to get ready, so we went and saw a baseball game. I saw my student who meows and he barked hello and Colin talked to some kids who asked first "Where are you from?" and then "What team are you routing for?" When we got back to the house I still couldn't think of anything to do to prepare for the photos so I started looking up gift registry stuff online. I thought that since we weren't inviting very many people we didn't need to do that, but multiple people have told me I'm wrong. I looked and got really overwhelmed, there are tons of things I didn't know I needed. Then Colin told me dinner was ready.

As we shared our dinner of salad out of a big tupperware container Annalily's mom sent cookies in we had this conversation:

Ariel: This owning stuff thing really makes life more complicated. I mean, candlesticks!
Colin: Shit, now we have to buy candles.
Ariel: Maybe we should only register for things we really need.
Colin: Yeah, like jobs.

Ah my baby cracks me up.

And for everyone who has commented on the potential of me buying a pink wedding dress because of the photo on flickr, I'm not buying a pink wedding dress. That was the first of many extremely puffy dresses that I tried on, that the photo studio owns, 5 of which I will be wearing in photos tomorrow, but still not owning.