At it again

It may be hard to start anew, but we often forget the lessons of the past and are thus allowed to move forward with more rewarding mistakes. I am "at it again" writing this blog, which begins in in December because I accidently erased it. I am "at it again" living abroad because I I erased from my memory the continous miscommunication and confusion of it. Luckly you can sit back in the comforts of your native language and culture and enjoy my adventures, hopefully with a laugh or snicker.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Classical literature in Modern Music

I feel I have run into numerous lamentations about the decline of reading, especially literature in our culture. I am happy to report then that while I was running this morning I was listening to Kate Bush (awesome artist, thanks Eben for the introduction) I tuned into the lyrics for a moment and heard the words Wuthering Heights. I am reading the book of the same title so I started the song over. It is an entire piece of contemporary music based on the book and in particular Catherine's relationship with Heathcliff. Well, well, well, one point for Kate Bush and one point for Classical literature.